May 26

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM
(1 hours)

Colborne Lodge
11 Colborne Lodge Dr
Toronto ON


In Person  |  Family Friendly, Installation, Performances

In this site- and environmentally-responsive performance, experimental musicians Sara Constant and Naomi McCarroll-Butler greet Wind Oracle. Presented as a new work by Eduardo Navarro, Wind Oracle stands at Colborne Lodge, an entity with a commanding presence but whimsical intention: an invitation to interact with the wind and consider the animacy of air and deeply entangled relations between humans and the natural world. Engaging with instruments and materials (hand-made and otherwise) Sara and Naomi activate the site–grounding and improvising with the audience–and using the wind as a medium for questions asked and answered.

This program will take place at Eduardo Navarro’s Wind Oracle, situated on the lawn of Colborne Lodge. We encourage participants to bring a blanket and to wear yellow!

Co-commissioned and co-presented by the Toronto Biennial of Art and the City of Toronto with support from Colborne Lodge, Toronto History Museums and ArtworxTO. This exhibition has been supported by Cadillac Fairview Corporation.

Learn more about Wind Oracle here.

Image: Sara Constant and Naomi McCarroll-Butler, Asking the Wind Oracle, May 26, 2022. Program held at Colborne Lodge as part of Toronto Biennial of Art 2022. Photography: Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias.


Naomi McCarroll-Butler is a saxophonist, clarinettist, and instrument maker from Toronto. Her music falls in the cracks of improvised music/free jazz, ‘new music’, drone music, and experimental pop and folk. Naomi’s work has always centred music as a spiritual expression; as a child she sang hymns and played folk guitar with her father before being drawn in by the ecstatic sound of the saxophone. She is interested the elegance of the overtone series, breathwork in the unique somatic journey of trans and gender-non-conforming people, and the creation of trance environments through drone, repetition, and fluid tuning systems.


Sara Constant is a musician and artist working in various forms of contemporary and experimental music and sound. Sara’s practice is grounded in music and listening as forms of research, embodiment, and place/space-making. Trained as a flute player and active as a soloist, improviser, collaborator, and ensemble musician, Sara has performed in Canada (Music Gallery, Innovations en concert, CMC Presents, Women From Space) and internationally (Fylkingen, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Fondation Royaumont, Klangspuren Schwaz, Oh My Ears). Current projects include improvisations with instruments and electronics, sound installations with loudspeakers, and curation work aimed at building community spaces for interdisciplinary music-making.