TBA’s Storytelling Program creates a hybrid model of contemporary art mediation for TBA Exhibitions and learning activities, which combines modes of conventional interpretation with artist-led, narrative and embodied responses to the artworks presented in the Biennial. 

At our third Biennial, opening September 21, 2024, local multidisciplinary artists will again be commissioned as Storytellers, to develop storytelling sessions that are created from their personal insights and experiences of the city as they guide visitors through the Exhibition’s installations, research, and perspectives. They will offer regular weekly walks and conversations to intergenerational audiences and school groups throughout the length of the Biennial. 

TBA further engages Storytellers year-round to support our school and community engagement initiatives. Contact us at programmingandlearning [@] torontobiennial.org to learn more about working with TBA Storytellers in your school, organization, or community space. 

Storytelling at the Small Arms Inspection Building with Nicole Markland at Jeffrey Gibson's ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL, 2015. Photo by Rebecca Tisdelle-Macias.