Naomi McCarroll-Butler

2022 Program Artist

Naomi McCarroll-Butler is a saxophonist, clarinettist, and instrument maker from Toronto. Her music falls in the cracks of improvised music/free jazz, ‘new music’, drone music, and experimental pop and folk. Naomi’s work has always centred music as a spiritual expression; as a child she sang hymns and played folk guitar with her father before being drawn in by the ecstatic sound of the saxophone. She is interested the elegance of the overtone series, breathwork in the unique somatic journey of trans and gender-non-conforming people, and the creation of trance environments through drone, repetition, and fluid tuning systems.



Asking the Wind Oracle

In this site- and environmentally-responsive performance, experimental musicians Sara Constant and Naomi McCarroll-Butler greet Wind Oracle. Presented as a new work by Eduardo Navarro, Wind Oracle stands at Colborne Lodge, an entity with a commanding presence but whimsical intention: an invitation to interact with the wind and consider the animacy of air and deeply entangled […]