Sara Constant

2022 Program Artist

Sara Constant is a musician and artist working in various forms of contemporary and experimental music and sound. Sara’s practice is grounded in music and listening as forms of research, embodiment, and place/space-making. Trained as a flute player and active as a soloist, improviser, collaborator, and ensemble musician, Sara has performed in Canada (Music Gallery, Innovations en concert, CMC Presents, Women From Space) and internationally (Fylkingen, Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art, Fondation Royaumont, Klangspuren Schwaz, Oh My Ears). Current projects include improvisations with instruments and electronics, sound installations with loudspeakers, and curation work aimed at building community spaces for interdisciplinary music-making.



Asking the Wind Oracle

In this site- and environmentally-responsive performance, experimental musicians Sara Constant and Naomi McCarroll-Butler greet Wind Oracle. Presented as a new work by Eduardo Navarro, Wind Oracle stands at Colborne Lodge, an entity with a commanding presence but whimsical intention: an invitation to interact with the wind and consider the animacy of air and deeply entangled […]