Marshall Trammell

2019 Program Artist

Marshall Trammell (lives in Oakland, CA, USA and Albuquerque, NM, USA) is a self-styled Music Research Strategist. He is an experimental percussionist and designer of interculturally-situated, arts-driven social engagement interventions. He conducts Insurgent Learning Workshops (ILWs) instigating renderings of alternative economics and anti-violence, community accountability frameworks as Creative Improvised Music.

He performs on drum set, bull roarers and face jugs. An array of three face jugs were created by Jim McDowell in the manner of pottery used to mark graves of early enslaved Africans in North Carolina and ward off demons. Trammell performs narratives of fugitivity in contemporary, Experimental performance.

He was a fellow at Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY (2004-06), and recently an Intercultural Leadership Institute fellow (2018-19). In 2016, he published “Music Research Strategies” for Sound American and is currently documenting ILWs for publication. He is a member of In Defense of Memory, featuring Laura Ortman and Carlos Santistevan. He was co-director of bands Black Spirituals (Sige Records) and Mutual Aid Project.


Marshall Trammell at 259 Lake Shore Blvd E

Marshall Trammell will perform Warrior Ethos, two visual compositions (graphic notation): one for drum set, and the other for drum set, bull roarers and face jugs. The first composition was created for Trammell by San Francisco Bay Area-based composer and bassist Lisa Mezzacappa for his “Indexical Moment/um” installation series held at Southern Exposure at the […]


Marshall Trammell at Small Arms

Following his performance of Warrior Ethos on October 4th at 259 Lake Shore, Marshall Trammell will conduct an Insurgent Learning Workshop (ILW) as community engagement, an open rehearsal re-designating the array of Underground Railroad quilt block codes as an artist-driven reimagining of navigating the global economy rendered as a collective, music conduction system practicum and […]