Jatiwangi art Factory

Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF) is an artistic collective of over fifty multimedia artists, musicians, designers, and curators who work out of a former clay-tile factory in Jatisura, Indonesia. JaF’s discourses and artistic practice emphasize local rural life in relation to land and the terracotta industry in Jatiwangi District. Clay, in the spirit of community empowerment, is central to all their artistic and cultural activities. JaF’s art praxes range from visual art to video, exhibition curation, radio broadcasting, educational programming, and music composed by the terracotta ensemble of Tedi Nurmanto, Andzar Agung Fauzan, Muhammad Pipin Kaspin, Kiki Permana, Ika Yuliana, and Tamyiz Ramadhan.