Aki Onda

Aki Onda (born in 1967, Nara, Japan; lives and works in Mito, Japan) is an artist and composer. His works are often catalyzed by and structured around memories—personal, collective, historical—such as his widely-known project, Cassette Memories (2004–ongoing), drawn from three decades of field recordings. Crossing genres, he has been active internationally in art, film, music and performance. His artistic collaborators include Michael Snow, Ken Jacobs, Loren Connors, David Toop and Akio Suzuki.


Aki Onda at 72 Perth

Location: 72 Perth Avenue

Aki Onda’s practice communes not only with things—particularly what he calls “the rubble and ruin of old technologies”—but also with spirits. Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me is a project begun by chance. One evening during a residency in a suburb of Seoul in 2010, Aki was listening to…


Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me: International Radio Broadcasts

Aki Onda has channelled the spirit of the late Korean artist Nam June Paik via radio transmission in Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me (2017/2021). Paik is known for his association with shamanism, a practice that consistently surfaces in his works. With a portable radio in hand, Onda communicates…