72 Perth Avenue

72 Perth Ave
Toronto ON
M6R 2C2

Tues – Thurs | 10am – 6pm
Friday | 10am – 8pm
Sat – Sun | 10am – 6pm
Monday | Closed

  • Accessibility

    Wheelchair Access – Entrance
    From Bloor Street: The accessible path to 72 Perth Avenue’s main entrance runs southbound along the east side to Besi’s Auto Collision. Cross the street to the west-side sidewalk in front of the fencing and continue south 20 metres. Automatic door activation is to the right of the double doors.

    From Sterling Road: Construction and lack of sidewalks are unfortunately an issue in this up and coming residential area. Travelling northbound, accessible pathways begin on the east and west-side of Perth Avenue. The main entrance of 72 Perth Avenue is at street level.

    Outdoor Exhibition & Shelter
    A portable ramp is available for the doorway from the main exhibition area to the outdoor area. An alternative accessible path is through the fence opening on the west side, 30 metres northbound from the main entrance.

    Accessible washrooms are located to the left of the main entrance.

    AODA-compliant building

  • Getting There

    Parking: Limited paid

    TTC: Near Lansdowne station; Dundas West station; 505 Dundas and 506 Carlton streetcars

    Other Transit: Steps away from the GO/UP Express Bloor station

About 72 Perth Avenue

72 Perth Avenue was formerly the Praise Sanctuary Ministry, Church of the Firstborn Apostolic, a Pentecostal church that relocated to North York. Since then, 72 Perth has been rented out as, variously, an event space, gallery, and showroom. It is now slated to become a mid-rise residential building, with the Biennial as possibly its last occupant. The proposed building is expected to be nine stories and include affordable housing. Situated next to the railpath, the passing GO trains are audible inside this former place of worship.

This site was generously provided by Castlepoint Numa. 

Audio Site Introduction:

Artworks at 72 Perth Avenue

Image of works by Aki Onda

Aki Onda at 72 Perth

Aki Onda’s practice communes not only with things—particularly what he calls “the rubble and ruin of old technologies”—but also with spirits. Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking to Me is a…

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Image of works by Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson at 72 Perth

Andrea Carlson’s Never Ending Monument (2022) is a sculptural installation that features a configuration of effigy staffs that function much in the same way as the artist’s two-dimensional drawings on…

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Image of works by Anne Zanele Mutema

Anne Zanele Mutema at 72 Perth

Anne Zanele Mutema’s practice invites us to consider alternative belief systems through the idea of an Event defined for her as a phenomenon located at a single point in time…

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Image of works by Ghazaleh Avarzamani

Ghazaleh Avarzamani at 72 Perth

Forced Afloat (2022) is a public artwork by Ghazaleh Avarzamani installed in the former parking lot of 72 Perth, a former Pentecostal church. The work consists of 7,000 square feet…

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Image of works by Jeffrey Gibson

Jeffrey Gibson at 72 Perth

Jeffrey’s artworks make reference to various aesthetic and material histories rooted in Indigenous cultures of the Americas and in modern and contemporary subcultures. He is known for creating visually rich…

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Image of works by Nadia Belerique

Nadia Belerique at 72 Perth

Nadia Belerique, working in photography, sculpture, and installation, expands on photographic strategies of framing, aperture, depth, and the distance between objects and their representations. Her works commonly address tenuous relationships…

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Image of works by Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer at 72 Perth

Paul Pfeiffer’s Incarnator (2018–2022) is a multimedia body of work that explores the belief systems surrounding the encarnadores, sculptors revered in the Philippines for their ability to create uncanny life-like…

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Image of works by Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood at 72 Perth

In both 2019 and 2022, the Toronto Biennial commissioned and presented two episodes of the ten-part film series at the heart of Shezad Dawood’s major long-term multimedia project Leviathan (2017–ongoing),…

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Tanya Lukin Linklater at 72 Perth

In August 2021 and continuing to December 2021, the artist Tanya Lukin Linklater began a process of collaborative choreography—albeit one that was geographically dispersed—with four dancers over ten weeks: Ivanie…

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