Study for a Garden consists of a stack of bronze sticks sharpened at one end. They may be posts for a garden fence, a faggot (a bundle of wood to fuel a fire), or a collection of crude spears. Praised for its strength and ductility, bronze has long been used to make weapons, shelter, and monuments. Akhavan has described bronze as both “an obedient and disobedient material,” suggesting that working with bronze follows a logic and life all its own. Titled a “study,” the work subverts the material’s relation to monumentality and permanence, focusing instead on its mutable qualities and alchemical associations.

Nearby, Bray for Cello is a series of scores pinned to the wall that comprises a composition of braying sounds to be performed intermittently and unannounced by a cellist.


Abbas Akhavan (born in Tehran, Iran; lives in Montreal, QC, Canada)practice includes site-specific installation, sculpture, video, and performance. Akhavan received his BFA from Concordia University, Montreal and his MFA from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He is the recipient of the Sobey Art Award (2015), Abraaj Group Art Prize (2014), and Berliner Kunstpreis (2012).

Exhibition Site

Small Arms Inspection Building

1352 Lakeshore Road East
Mississauga ON
L5E 1E9