Tsiktsinensawe Yakonkwe/Rhonda Lucy

2019 Program Artist

Tsiktsinensawe Yakonkwe/Rhonda Lucy of the Mohawk Nation is the founder and Artistic Director of Sun Raven Arts established in 2015. Birthed out of the Idle No More Movement, MMIWM2 initiatives and the 94 Calls to Action. Sun Raven Arts aims to empower voices through the arts and tradition by means of alternative methods of learning and healing. Offering arts based education, cultural awareness, trainer training, trauma and harm reductions arts based programming, workshops, lectures/talks, and production in both live performance and film.


Night Walk with Lost Rivers and Rivers Rising

This Night Walk with the Lost Rivers and Rivers Rising initiatives traces hidden histories of the Garrison Creek, which enters Lake Ontario just east of Fort York, the military garrison for the region. Closed since the 1920s, the hidden creek has gained interest as new initiatives have formed to draw attention to the relationships between […]


Poetry Walk with Toronto’s River Poets, Lost Rivers, and Rivers Rising

A poetry walk in conjunction with artist Maria Thereza Alves’s project Phantom Pain at Riverdale Park W. Toronto’s River Poets, together with the initiatives Lost Rivers and Rivers Rising, and knowledge keepers investigate Toronto’s lost rivers, the forgotten network of water that runs beneath our feet. Meeting point: St. Matthews Clubhouse, 450 Broadview Ave. Event […]