Tamir Holder

2019 Program Artist

Scarborough-based creative Tamir Holder is an artist on the never-ending journey of self-discovery. Driven by his desire to declutter the mind and live from the heart, Tamir is an artist constantly challenging himself to look within and confront vulner-abilities. His current love affair with music is challenging him to use lyricism, flows, stage-performance, dance and soundscapes to explore his wandering mind to better learn how to heal the relationship between all scattered parts of himself. Tamir is currently working on his debut EP.


RISE Edutainment

RISE Edutainment will curate a one hour musical and poetic performance intended to inspire, engage and empower the audiences. These messages will delve into introspection, self-love and self -identity. Participants in this program for the Biennial include: Tamir Holder, Dynesti Williams, Randell Adjel, and Jayda Marley. These performances are a part of the Biennial’s weekly Performance […]