Qavavau Manumie

2019 Exhibition Artist

Qavavau Manumie (Inuit, born in Brandon, Canada; lives in Kinngait / Cape Dorset, Canada) is an accomplished printmaker who enjoys the opportunity to demonstrate printmaking techniques to young artists and visitors to the studio. His stylistic abilities range from the very literal to the more expressive in idiosyncratic work that is often amusing in its depictions of Inuit legends and mythology, Arctic wildlife and contemporary aspects of Inuit life.


Qavavau Manumie at 259 Lake Shore Blvd E

“I enjoy the animals and the land, and I take what I see there to my drawings.” Manumie’s drawings of hybrid forms and entanglements—including sea creatures freeing one another from nets—are his way “of creating completely new places and strange activities that maybe trick the people who look at [them].” Manumie has worked in the […]

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September 21 – December 1, 2019

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Artist Talk with Shezad Dawood, Qavavau Manumie, and Candice Hopkins

This conversation is set amidst Episode 5 of Shezad Dawood’s Leviathan (2017–) film cycle and Qavavau Manumie’s depictions of Arctic wildlife and contemporary Inuit life. The artists address the relationships between their work in discussion with curator Candice Hopkins. Image Credit: Artist Talk with Shezad Dawood, Qavavau Manumie, and Candice Hopkins, 2019. Photo: Yuula Benivolski.


Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada (MOCA)