Paul Pfeiffer

2022 Program & Exhibition Artist

Paul Pfeiffer (born in 1966, Honolulu, USA) is known for his inventive manipulation of digital media. He recasts the visual language of pop spectacle to explore the role of images in shaping individual and collective consciousness. Paul uses a range of found materials and sources to plumb the depths of contemporary culture, assessing its racial, religious and technological dimensions. Paul’s objects and images function diachronically, establishing profound genealogies connecting contemporary culture and its many particularities to the long, seemingly remote histories of art, religion, nationhood and diaspora.

Exhibit #33

Paul Pfeiffer at 72 Perth

Paul Pfeiffer’s Incarnator (2018–2022) is a multimedia body of work that explores the belief systems surrounding the encarnadores, sculptors revered in the Philippines for their ability to create uncanny life-like representations of Catholic icons. Encarnadores are skilled in encarnacion-style of woodworking, which originated in the 16th century in Seville and was introduced to the Philippines […]


Babaylans and Encanadores: A Conversation with Paul Pfeiffer, Simon Speiser, and Stephanie Comilang

In this talk, 2022 Biennial artist Paul Pfeiffer is joined by artists Stephanie Comilang and Simon Speiser for a conversation touching upon intersecting themes within their practices, including mythology, folklore, and spiritual iconography. Pfeiffer’s Incarnator series, on view at 72 Perth Avenue as part of the Toronto Biennial of Art from March 26-June 5, examines […]

date and time

April 8

11:00am – 12:00pm