Francisco-Fernando Granados

2022 Program Artist

Francisco-Fernando Granados (he/him, born in Guatemala, lives and works in Toronto, Canada). Since 2005, his multidisciplinary practice has traced his movement from convention refugee to critical citizen, using abstraction performatively, site-specifically, and relationally, to create projects that challenge the stability of practices of recognition. These projects extend from drawing into performance, installation, publishing, and public art. Granados’ work has developed from the intersection of formal painterly training, professional engagement with diverse cultural and institutional spaces, intellectual engagement with queer and feminist theory, and early activism as a peer support facilitator with newcomer communities.


Repeating with a Difference: Tracing as a Counter-Archival Practice

Drawing is a task of observation, mark-making, and composition that allows us to understand the world from an embodied perspective. In this workshop led by multidisciplinary artist Francisco-Fernando Granados, participants are invited to explore the medium as an expanded practice in the making of embodied cultural histories. Together with Granados, participants will engage in multidisciplinary […]