Dynesti Williams

2019 Program Artist

Dynesti Williams inspires people to reconnect to their higher selves through bold and unapologetic live performances, lyrics, videos, workshops, and sonic experiences. She is known as a fierce entertainer with a contagious energy that can raise the vibration of any space she performs in. Nicknamed The Dyna for delivering energy like food for the soul, Dynesti Williams invites you to feast on the balance of unity and chaos through the flavor she describes as motivational Hip-Hop/Soul with a “dash” of Rudegyal. She is currently partnering with DatGas Music Entertainment in N.Y.C. on the soon-coming release of her debut album entitled “The Dyna”.


RISE Edutainment

RISE Edutainment will curate a one hour musical and poetic performance intended to inspire, engage and empower the audiences. These messages will delve into introspection, self-love and self -identity. Participants in this program for the Biennial include: Tamir Holder, Dynesti Williams, Randell Adjel, and Jayda Marley. These performances are a part of the Biennial’s weekly Performance […]