Christopher Bracken

2019 Program Artist

Christopher Bracken is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta, where he teaches courses on Indigenous Literature, Settler Colonialism, and Literary Theory. He is the author of The Potlatch Papers (Chicago 1997) and Magical Criticism (Chicago 2007). He has more recently published “Reconciliation Romance: A Study in Juridical Theology” in Qui Parle (2015) and “The Deaths of Moses: The Death Penalty and the Division of Sovereignty” in Critical Research in Religion (2018).


The New Red Order and Guests

The New Red Order (NRO) presents Believable Impossibilities, a lecture performance and treaty orchestration featuring Christopher Bracken and Ange Loft, DJ’d by Yamantaka // Sonic Titan. Believable Impossibilities is part of the Biennial’s weekly Performance and Reading Program, Isonomia in Toronto, which takes place within Adrian Blackwell’s two interrelated structures at 259 Lake Shore Blvd […]


Christopher Bracken with The New Red Order

“Why Savage Philosophy Now?” is a talk by Christopher Bracken in discussion with two members of New Red Order (NRO), Adam Khalil and Jackson Polys. More than a decade ago, in Bracken’s book, Magical Criticism, he echoed Heidegger in posing the scandalous question, “What are savages for?” His answer at the time was: “Savage philosophers […]