Andrea Carlson

2022 Exhibition Artist

Andrea Carlson (Ojibwe, born in 1979; lives in Chicago, USA) is a visual artist and writer currently living on unceded Potawatomi land in Chicago. Andrea’s paintings and drawings often depict shorescapes that the artist populates with images that are allegories of consumption, possession and display, while her temporary, outdoor artworks often address ideas of land and belonging. Her work is collected in institutions such as the Whitney Museum, New York; the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis; and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Exhibit #35

Andrea Carlson at 72 Perth

Andrea Carlson’s Never Ending Monument (2022) is a sculptural installation that features a configuration of effigy staffs that function much in the same way as the artist’s two-dimensional drawings on paper: they play with perspective and horizon and the body’s sense of space and place. The sculptures cite the silhouetted figure of the “Man Mound,” […]

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