Jayda Marley

Jayda Marley is a Queer Femme Afro-Indigenous poet from Tkaronto, who uses her words to bend stereotypes & teach youth how to use their voices for good in their communities. At age 18, she has performed on many different stages and has trav-elled all over Turtle Island with her poetry. She has also been published in multiple anthologies including the West Enders Magazine & “In This Together.” She uses her poetry to walk people through her life and constantly find ways to decolonize her life and how she learns.


Performances by RISE Edutainment

Location: 259 Lake Shore Blvd East

RISE Edutainment will curate a one hour musical and poetic performance intended to inspire, engage and empower the audiences. These messages will delve into introspection, self-love and self -identity. Participants in this program for the Biennial include: Tamir Holder, Dynesti Williams, Randell Adjel, and Jayda Marley. These performances are a part…