Gendai Gallery

Gendai Gallery (based in Toronto, Canada) was founded in 2000, and supports contemporary practices primarily by East Asian artists and artists of colour. Gendai’s mandate is to cultivate dialogue through contemporary art, focusing on experimental collaborations through a multi-disciplinary program encompassing contemporary art, design, performing arts, literature and architecture.


Gendai Mobile Unit

Situated at the centre of the Programs & Learning Hub at 259 Lake Shore Boulevard East, the Gendai Mobile Unit is an artwork that functions as flexible seating, a presentation space, and a storage unit. Designed by Alexandre David and commissioned by Gendai and artist Yam Lau, it offers a…

What’s Up with Gendai?

Location: 259 Lake Shore Blvd East

Gendai Gallery’s active members are about to retire. In this session, they share the gallery’s organizational history of experimenting with models of collectivity, and workshop your proposals for a takeover. Founded in 2000, Gendai is a Toronto-based art organization that supports contemporary practices—primarily by East Asian artists and artists of…