Ayumi Goto

Ayumi Goto (born in Surrey, BC, Canada; lives in Toronto, ON, Canada) is a performance apprentice, based in Toronto, traditional territories of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabe, and Mississaugas of the Credit First Nations. As diasporic-Japanese, she at times draws upon her cultural heritage and language to creatively reconsider sentiments surrounding national culturalism, migrations, activist strategies, and land-human relations. Ayumi has made performative interventions in London, Berlin, Kyoto, and across this land presently called Canada. Her practice is deeply influenced by Shirley Bear, Roy Miki, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Adrian Stimson, and Peter Morin.

Learn more about Ayumi Goto’s practice by listening to the Short Format series on the Toronto Biennial of Art Podcast. Interviewed by Aliya Pabani, episode 4 with Goto is is available HERE.


single use salmon plogging

Location: Bay St and Queen St W

Ayumi Goto runs the Toronto Waterfront Marathon as the half-human/half-salmon geisha gyrl in a performance addressing labour, responsibility, and the impact of environmental disaster. The work is dedicated to the late Anishinaabe grandmother and Water Walker Josephine Mandamin, who circumnavigated the Great Lakes to raise awareness about water pollution, and…

Performances by Aki Onda, Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin

Location: 259 Lake Shore Blvd East

In this double bill, Aki Onda will perform the multi-media Reflections and Repercussions, followed by …Crow meets Salmon, a collaborative performance by Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin.  Reflections and Repercussions explores the interplay among luminosity, acoustic, and architectural relationships within the space. Performing with various types of lightning equipment such as theatre…

Performance by Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin

Location: Small Arms Inspection Building

…Crow meets Salmon, a performance by Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin, moves together and apart with respect to all that has accumulated in specific sites, locations, histories. Crow-Salmon-Human relations reflect on the interconnections between sky, water, and land, and the mutability of forms to make a joyous sound for creating…