Andil Gosine

Andil Gosine (PhD, MPhil, BES) is Associate Professor in Cultural & Artistic Practices for Environmental Justice at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University. His research, writing and artistic practices explore imbrications of ecology, desire and power. Dr. Gosine is curator of the upcoming 2020 retrospective exhibition Wendy Nanan at the Art Museum of the Americas and his solo exhibition rêvenir will open in Port of Spain in January. Author of numerous essays in books, journals and anthologies, his most recently completed monograph is Nature’s Wild: Love, sex and law in the Caribbean.


Isonomia in Toronto

Location: 259 Lake Shore Blvd East

En Vivo y En Directo is a performance in the form of a live news variety show hosted by Camilo Godoy. Guests include New York-based artist Pamela Sneed, Toronto-based academic Andil Gosine, and musicians Maryem Tollar and Ernie Tollar. Together they will engage with topics ranging from current and historical…