Alan Gan

Alan Gan (born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; lives in Toronto, ON, Canada)  has contributed to the Ministry of Environment and Department of Parks and Recreation in archiving the collection of fungi around the Greater Toronto Area. He has presented talks and seminars on mushroom identification, and is currently leading a group of Asian mushroom enthusiasts for Spring and Falls forays. Over the years, he has contributed to the Outdoor School: Mushroom Foray with Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell.


Outdoor School: Mushroom Foray

Location: Old Mill Station

In the spirit of John Cage and Fluxus artists searching for fungi in the forest, artist Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell of Outdoor School with Alan Gan invite visitors to a community mycological foray—an informal, family-friendly event that offers participants the opportunity to collect fungi and learn about the culture…