The neon sign Visibility is a Trap invokes Michel Foucault’s theory of panopticism, which argues that a state of permanent visibility induces self-discipline. Within the context of the Exhibition, this work emits its own light and makes the works around it more visible. For Grasso, the interplay between the viewer and the text is key, as the viewer is increasingly visible the closer they are to the neon’s glow.

Commissioned by the Toronto Biennial of Art.


Drawing on the visual possibilities of electromagnetic energy, radio waves, and natural phenomena, Laurent Grasso (born in Mulhouse, France; lives in Paris, France) explores their effect on perception via immersive videos, sculptures, paintings, and drawings that resort to images or techniques borrowed from cinema or art history. At the crossroads of heterogeneous temporalities, geographies, and realities, his installations play with shifting viewpoints, boundaries between fiction and reality, and unusual perspectives. Grasso is the recipient of the Meru Art*Science Award, Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and Marcel Duchamp Prize.

Exhibition Site

259 Lake Shore Blvd East

259 Lake Shore Blvd East
Toronto ON
M5A 3T7