Chiedza Pasipanodya (chee-ed-za pasi-pano-jga) is an artist and curator interested in issues of representation, visual culture and belonging. With over a decade of experience working within BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, Chiedza’s commitment to creating spaces of belonging and connection is far-reaching.

In their thesis “New Perspectives on Black Women Artists In Canada Participating in the Arts For The Long Term” Chiedza provides new insights to the issues of representation for marginalized artists to think and reframe while we are in a place of seeming forward momentum. In their current research and creative practice, Chiedza aims to continually presence what has been subtly or violently disappeared while contributing to a continuum of work that seeks to elevate histories and figures who might otherwise be forgotten and misremembered.

The 2022 Curatorial Fellowship program is made possible by the generous support of TD Bank Group through the TD Ready Commitment.