Join us as we launch the publication Water, Kinship, Belief, co-published by the Toronto Biennial of Art and Art Metropole. Spanning the 2019 Biennial, entitled The Shoreline Dilemma, as well as our 2022 edition, What Water Knows, The Land Remembers, this book is a “third” site, a place where the continuities, resonances, and dissonances between editions are made evident. Water, Kinship, Belief is a means to bring together the artists, artworks, collaborators, and ideas that have informed the exhibitions and programs.

Inviting visitors to consider the publication through its lexicon—a shared vocabulary that has grounded curatorial thinking and ongoing processes of exhibition-making for the last two years—TBA 2022 Curators Tairone Bastien and Katie Lawson read from this series of terms. The lexicon is based upon the relationships between its entries as an alternative to fixed definitions; key terms like ancestor, conspiracy, and inheritance form a vocabulary that holds resonant ideas and offers a way to follow threads that are both knotted and braided together over time.

Image: Tairone Bastien and Katie Lawson, TBA Publication Launch and Reading: “Water, Kinship, Belief”, May 4, 2022. Program held at 72 Perth Ave as part of Toronto Biennial of Art 2022. Photography: Roxanne Fernandes.

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72 Perth Avenue
72 Perth Ave
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May 4