May 15

8:30 PM – 10:30 PM
(2 hours)

72 Perth Avenue
72 Perth Ave
Toronto ON
M6R 2C2


In Person  |  Screenings

On Sunday, May 15, the Biennial will host an outdoor screening of 3 episodes of Post-Capitalist Architecture-TV in the outdoor courtyard of 72 Perth Ave, beginning just before dusk at 8:30 pm.

Toronto’s ravine system is both location and subject for Joar Nango and Ken Are Bongo’s new artwork, jointly commissioned and presented by AGYU, Evergreen, and TBA.

Nango is an artist and architect, and Bongo a filmmaker and producer, who collaboratively produce Post-Capitalist Architecture-TV, a thematic video series exploring Indigenous architectures from Sámi fishing huts to their nomadic environments while defining, questioning and embodying decoloniality as a global manifestation. The TV series began in 2020 following Nango’s travels across northern Norway in an aging and modified cargo van as he interviewed indigenous scholars, artists and architects, staged performances for the camera, and held screenings for live audiences. Currently there are 5 episodes, which address a variety of themes such as nomadism and flow, resource economy, and decolonization and architecture.

This screening is presented in collaboration with the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) and Evergreen Brick Works (Evergreen). This project is supported generously by ERA Architects.

Image Caption: Joar Nango & Ken Are Bongo. Video still from “Post-Capitalist Architecture TV Part 3 – On decolonization and architecture” 2020.


Joar Nango (Sámi, born in 1979, Áltá, Norway; lives and works in Tromsø, Norway) works with site-specific installations and self-made publications that explore the boundary between architecture, design and visual art. His work relates to questions of Indigenous identity, often through investigating contemporary architecture. Joar has explored modern Sámi spaces through the self-published zine Sámi Huksendáidda: the Fanzine, the design project Sámi Shelters and the mixtape/clothing project Land & Language. He is a founding member of the architecture collective FFB and is currently setting up a network of Sámi architects across Sápmi through the ongoing Indigenous architecture library project.

Ken Are Bongo is a film director, cinematographer, and editor. He comes from a Sámi village Guovdageaidnu and graduated from Nordland Art and Film School in Kabelvåg. He has been working in film and TV since 2006, and recently produced the short fictional film Wolf in 2018 which premiered at the Reykjavík International Film Festival. Other credits include Hvem ringer? (TV Mini-Series) (1 episode), 2020; Ara Marumaru (Short) 2018; and Biegga savkala duoddariid duohken lea soames (Short), 2007.