Co-presented by the Toronto Biennial of Art in partnership with Ireland Park Foundation and Trinity Square Video

Doored is a performance art show that was organized and hosted by Life of a Craphead from 2012-2017. A special presentation at the Toronto Biennial of Art returns with an updated name, Doo Red. The show will feature new performances from Toronto-based artists in a big space that’s beside the lake and the airport. Doo Red will also be incorporated into Life of a Craphead’s new video project, a pilot/first episode for a comedy series starring themselves, re-enacting the content of their lives.

Hosted by: Life of a Craphead with Hannia Cheng

Performances by: Kiera Boult, Nice Hands, Oliver Husain, Laura McCoy, Aliya Pabani, jes sachse, and Lisa Smolkin

Music by: Xuan Ye

Fountain and poster by: Emerson Maxwell

Co-presented in partnership with Ireland Park Foundation and Trinity Square Video.

Accessibility: Ireland Park Foundation (IPF) site is a heritage site and does not currently have wheelchair accessible washrooms. IPF is working toward creating an accessible venue in the future.

Free ticket registration is required to attend this event and a paid ferry ticket. See registration link below.

Toronto Biennial of Art Residency program is made possible with the generous support of the TD Bank Group through its corporate citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment.

Special Thanks to Sean Baker (Luminato), Lisa Myers, and Laura Pitkanen.


Toronto Biennial of Art Residency is an experimental platform for artists whose socially engaged practices challenge disciplinary and aesthetic conventions in order to expand notions of community and enact social change. For its inaugural residency, the Biennial is proud to present the collective Life of a Craphead, whose work spans performance art, film, and curation.

TBA Residency

Ireland Park Foundation
3 Eireann Quay
Toronto ON
M5V 0A3

September 28


Life of a Craphead is the collaboration of Amy Lam (born in Hong Kong, China; lives in Toronto, ON, Canada) and Jon McCurley (born and lives in Toronto, ON, Canada). Their work spans performance art, film, and curation, full of humour as a form of empathy towards often troubling histories and present circumstances. Their most recent exhibition, Entertaining Every Second (2019), is centred on a research project about the American war in Vietnam. Other projects include King Edward VII Statue Floating Down the Don River (2017), where they dumped a life-size replica of a colonial statue into a Toronto river on a weekly basis for a month.

Learn more about Life of a Craphead’s practice by listening to episode 9 of the Toronto Biennial of Art Podcast “Short Format”, available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.