March 26 – June 5, 2022

I AM YOUR RELATIVE is a multi-purpose installation featuring fifteen moveable stages that will populate the first floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. Co-commissioned by MOCA and the Toronto Biennial, the surface of the stages become an archive over time as they are covered with posters that incorporate text and images from local historical archives and from the public. Drawing on material collected through an open call, Jeffrey’s wheat-pasted posters create a visual archive that prioritizes Indigenous, Black, Brown and queer voices, speaking to what histories are remembered and how.

The project catalyzes valuable community and professional creative relationships that will inform moments of activation throughout the run of the project. Over the course of the exhibition, the stages are host to artists’ performances, talks, workshops, and gatherings that amplify community voices past and present and are supported through robust research, coordination, and production. Recordings of many of the events go on to form a permanent and broadly accessible archive.

I AM YOUR RELATIVE builds on the methods of recent commissions for the deCordova Sculpture Park and Socrates Sculpture Park, Because Once You Enter My House, It Becomes Our House (2020/2021). These monumental public works, with their pyramidal form, invited the same communal ethos as Jeffrey carved out space for Indigenous performance, collaboration, and co-creation. A stage becomes a platform for raising voices and unearthing hidden histories. The tri-layered form references the earthen forms of the ancient Mississippian city of Cahokia, located in contemporary Illinois, which flourished from the seventh to the fourteenth centuries before European contact.

I AM YOUR RELATIVE is co-commissioned by the Toronto Biennial of Art and MOCA Toronto. This project is generously supported by Multiplex.

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Jeffrey Gibson (Choctaw-Cherokee, born in 1972, Colorado, USA; lives in Hudson, USA) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Hudson, New York. His artworks reference various aesthetic and material histories rooted in Indigenous cultures of the Americas and modern and contemporary subcultures. Jeffrey’s work has been featured in exhibitions in North America and abroad and can be found in public and private collections, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Denver Art Museum; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and the Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco. In 2019, Jeffrey was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship.

Exhibition Site

Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto

158 Sterling Rd
Toronto ON
M6R 2B7