Diane Borsato, "Mushroom Foray," 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

The Co-Relations program explores critical issues—livability, access, interconnectivity—that intersect with and extend ideas addressed in The Shoreline Dilemma.

Co-Relations demonstrates a deep commitment to placemaking in a series of performances, conversations, and gatherings. All participants are invited into shifting and expanding dialogues that reveal the often invisible, intangible, or overlooked connections to each other and the environment: mycelial fungi workshops investigate networked growth beneath our feet; apple tastings and orchard plantings reclaim and revive rare historic apple varietals; and responses to a dispatch from a dystopian future initiate action in the present day. These unseen or unnoticed connections provide insights into how to better sustain symbiotic relationships over time.

Co-Relations builds on methodologies of care, empathy, and understanding in an attempt to repair what has been lost or forgotten. Drawing from relational practices and social processes, these events respond  to emerging conversations during the inaugural Biennial and extend them to explore their complexities in locations and with communities across Toronto.

Co-Relations is made possible with the generous support of the TD Bank Group through its corporate citizenship platform, The Ready Commitment.

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