The challenges of the last few months have seen many of us re-connecting and re-building our support networks, whether personally, communally, or organizationally. Care for each other is critical for our collective survival, and it’s with this in mind that the Biennial’s curatorial team has been moving towards one another, despite physical distancing. As we do so, we’ve had the privilege of listening to various collectives of activists, artists and bands, who’ve generously shared some of their collaborative approaches. We are also, presently, generating a lexicon – a shared vocabulary – which will guide our ongoing processes of exhibition-making, programming, and learning.

In the spirit of generosity extended to us, the Biennial team and guest contributors have opened up some of these learnings and conversations as they have taken over TBA’s Instagram feed – continuing through the summer – asking questions that are on our minds, including: How can a takeover be an exercise in listening and amplifying, rather than broadcasting and promoting? What do spaces of encounter and solidarity look and feel like in times of loss and uncertainty? And how might we tune into the urgencies, voices, and practices that shape our ongoing process, conscious of the inequities of digital access? 

We invite you to join the conversation on our Instagram page: @torontobiennial.

Images at right: Thanks to all the guest contributors who have taken over our Instagram feed. Selected images taken from posts by @syrusmarcus, Wilson Rodriguez, @candicebeforebronwyn and @borelson.