Yaniya Lee

2019 Program Artist

Yaniya Lee‘s (born in Montreal) writing, research and collaboration focus on the ethics of aesthetics. In the fall of 2020, Lee and curator Denise Ryner guest-edited Chroma, a special issue of Canadian Art magazine dedicated to black artists and black art histories. Lee has participated in residencies at Banff (2017), the Blackwood Gallery (2018), Gallery 44 (2018), Vtape (2019-2020) and she is currently a research fellow at Artexte. Lee was a member of the editorial team at Canadian Art magazine from 2017-2021, and she joined Archive Books’ editorial team this past spring.


In Conversation with Curtis Talwst Santiago

This conversation with Yaniya Lee and Curtis Talwst Santiago opens up the processes and practice behind Santiago’s contributions to the Toronto Biennial of Art. Spanning from the ongoing Infinity Series–which inspired a host of responses from school students participating in facilitated workshops in the Biennial’s Programs–to J’ouvert Temple (2019)–an architectural fantasy or “capriccio” installed at 55 […]