Wilson Rodríguez

2019 Exhibition Artist

Wilson Rodríguez (Nonuya, born in Cahuinarí region, Colombia; lives in Bogotá, Colombia) carries forth botanical knowledge from the Amazon Jungle of Colombia, transmitted by his father Abel. His artistic practice embraces the relationship between humans and the invisible world, or the use of medicinal plants to expand the perception. For Wilson, who has been receiving ancestral knowledge all his life, art is a way to hone his ancient roots and his life as an individual in the contemporary world.


Wilson Rodríguez at Small Arms

Wilson Rodríguez’s work is an extension of his father Abel’s botanical knowledge of the Amazonian jungle. The artist’s practice is distinguished, however, by its embrace of elements beyond the medicinal and practical uses of plants—that being the relationship between humans and the “invisible world” or, more specifically, the use of plants as a means of […]