Waqas Khan

2022 Exhibition Artist

Waqas Khan (born in Akhtarabad, Pakistan; lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan) expresses himself through multiple mediums, including drawing and installation. He takes inspiration from various elements, from architecture and miniatures to weaving, painting and dance. Waqas graduated from the National College of Arts in Lahore in 2008. He has participated in the Dhaka Art Summit (2018); the Asia Pacific Triennale 9, Brisbane (2018); and the Lahore Biennale (2018). Waqas’s work is part of public collections such as The British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum, in London, UK; and the Devi Foundation, New Delhi, India.

Exhibit #24

Waqas Khan at Arsenal Contemporary Toronto

Waqas Khan begins with a dot, circle, or dash, and through repetition, creates drawings that resemble elaborate webs, undulating waves, microscopic worlds, the weft and weave of textiles, or celestial fields. Trained as a printmaker at the National College of Art in Lahore, Pakistan, Waqas also experimented early in his practice with various art forms […]