Victoria Mamnguqsualuk

2022 Exhibition Artist

Victoria Mamnguqsualuk (Inuit, born in 1930, Garry Lake, Canada; died in 2016, Qamani’tuaq / Baker Lake, Canada) was a renowned artist based in Qamani’tuaq and is one of the best-known artists of her generation. Her work has been included in nearly 100 exhibitions in Canada and internationally and can be found in numerous public collections, including the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Manitoba.

Exhibit #48

Victoria Mamnguqsualuk at Textile Museum of Canada

Over the course of her career, Victoria Mamnguqsualuk often returned to the same character, Kiviuq (alternatively spelled Qiviuq, Keeveok, or Kivioq, and, in Greenland, Qooqa) in her work. A migrant, Kiviuq travels through different lands as well as through different times and cultures. He is one of the oldest figures in Inuit oral tradition, and […]

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