Nicole Markland


Nicole Markland (she/her) is a museum educator with a passion for art and history. She has been facilitating sharing and learning in museums and galleries for over seven years and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Museum Education at the University of British Columbia.

Nicole began working in museums in 2013, when as a volunteer, she had a transformative learning experience which made her rethink how people learn with and from each other. From that point on, many experiences have informed her practice as an educator, including working abroad as an ESL Teacher where knowledge and learning became less transmissive and more like an exchange between collaborators. For her, learning is a social and communal process, and she enjoys using art and objects to bring together unique and diverse groups of people with differing knowledge, lived experiences, cultures, and interests. She hopes to build experiences with participants that are fun and build memories which will guide, challenge, support, and follow a person throughout their lifetime.


Storytelling at Small Arms Inspection Building

Join us at the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga for Storytelling sessions led by lwrds duniam and Nicole Markland. Storytelling sessions combine modes of conventional interpretation with artist-led, narrative and embodied responses. Storytellers offer weekly guided sessions, informal conversations, and spot tours to intergenerational audiences at TBA’s main sites. Sharing personal insights and experiences […]


TBA 2022 Closing BBQ and Book Launch

The Toronto Biennial of Art will celebrate the closing of the 2022 edition with a family- and youth- friendly BBQ for neighbours and those further afield. Enjoy great food and an array of participatory activities including Storytelling tours of the exhibition at the Small Arms Inspection Building, interactive walks focusing on the building’s history and […]

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