Kapwani Kiwanga

2019 Exhibition Artist

Kapwani Kiwanga (born in 1978, Hamilton, Canada; lives in Paris, France) is a French and Canadian artist. Her work is shaped by her academic background in anthropology and comparative religion and often involves multiple formats and media to make a diversity of experiences for the viewer possible. Kapwani received the 2018 Sobey Award and was the winner of the 2020 Prix Marcel Duchamp.


Kapwani Kiwanga at Small Arms

Two undulating fabric curtains suggest the meeting of tectonic plates. According to Kiwanga’s research, the African plate is slowly moving toward and above the Eurasian one, which is subducting at a rate of approximately two centimetres per year. A rock cradled in fabric hung on the wall further probes these thematic currents. Using this tectonic […]