Giselle Dias

2022 Program Artist

Giselle Dias (Métis) is a queer, disabled community organizer, writer and educator. She has been engaged in prisoners’ rights, penal abolition and transformative justice for the past 28 years. Her ancestors are from the Red River, Ireland, India and the Seychelle Islands. Her Spirit name is Niigaanii Zhaawshko Giizhigokwe (Leading Blue Sky Woman). Dias is currently doing a PhD in Social Work in the Indigenous Field of Study at Laurier University. Her research is focused on understanding Indigenous & Afro-Indigenous queer, Two-Spirit, Indigiqueer visions of abolition from a Land-based lens. She is the Program Coordinator & facilitator at the Centre for Indigegogy which offers Indigenous Wholistic Professional Development.


Abolition Is Love: How to Live Abolition in Everyday Life

In this 201 workshop, 2022 Biennial artist Syrus Marcus Ware, along with academic Giselle Dias and activist and writer Sandy Hudson, offer insights into building abolitionist communities rooted in social justice and care and future planning. With light touches into systems theory and systems change, this workshop offers practice insights for how to work to […]