Gaëlle Choisne

2024 Exhibition Artist

Gaëlle Choisne (she/they)’s practice combines a documentary approach (photography and video) with the use of raw materials, addressing socio-political issues related to the overexploitation of natural resources and colonial history. Born of a Haitian mother and a Breton father, the artist blends oral traditions, Creole mythology and popular culture in works that refer to both Haiti’s history and her own personal narrative.

«To invest in the density of these complex and shifting dynamics in perpetual revolution, Gaëlle Choisne uses choral art forms that she readily describes as experimental. Sculpture, installation and a taste for abrupt confrontation with material have always accompanied the artist in the same way that her video practice has, navigating between documentary legacies, found footage and speculative narratives. Between these two great families of consistencies that populate her works are collections of found objects, some of which have been maintained for many years, which show her special attention to charms, amulets, talismans, playing cards and more. These collections convey the artist’s interest in the occult, taxonomy, exoticism, merchandising, spirituality and popular practices sometimes referred to as ‘enthusiasts’.»
– Thomas Conchou (extract)