Cristina Flores Pescorán

2024 Exhibition Artist

Cristina Flores Pescorán (1986; ella/her/she) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Perú. Her work is a dialogue between her body, healing processes, medical experiences, family memories, and feminism. Reflecting on her own experience of sickness, treatment, and recovery, Flores Pescorán employs a wide range of mediums in conversation with pre-Hispanic weaving, and dyeing techniques using medicinal plants that are part of her daily diet. She incorporates hand-made gauzes inspired by the Chancay culture (a pre-Inca civilization developed between 1200AD and 1470AD), whose reticulated veils are believed to have had magical powers used for healing and protection. Through her practice, Flores Pescorán reflects and challenges what we understand as illness, death, cure, nutrition, pleasure and magic in our contemporary society.