Camille Turner

2022 Program & Exhibition Artist

Camille Turner (born in 1960, Kingston, Jamaica; lives in Los Angeles, USA) is an explorer of race, space, home and belonging. Her work combines Afrofuturism and historical research. Most recently, she has been unsilencing the entanglement of what is now Canada in transatlantic slavery. Her interventions, installations and public engagements have been presented throughout Canada and internationally. Camille graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design and York University’s Master in Environmental Studies program, both Toronto, where she is currently a Ph.D. candidate.

Camille Turner is the recipient of the 2022 Artist Prize, awarded to recognize an artist’s outstanding contribution to the Biennial.

Participated in the “Rabbit Hole: Pod Theory” Residency, 2020.

Exhibit #7

Camille Turner at Small Arms Inspection Building

Nave (2022) is an immersive multimedia installation by Camille Turner that explores the entanglement of colonial Canada in the transatlantic trade of enslaved Africans through links between the nave of a church, the hold of the ship, the tomb, and the womb of the world. In this artwork, a time traveller from the future Age […]

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Following the Afronautic Trail

In Following the Afronautic Trail, artist Camille Turner invites participants on a two-day, multisensory exploration and interrogation of sites and monuments within the vicinity of the University of Toronto’s downtown campus. A part of the durational narratives explored within Turner’s body of work, including her 2022 Biennial works Nave and the Black Historical Navigational Toolkit […]

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