Anne Bourne

2022 Program Artist

Anne Bourne (she/they) is an artist/composer, mentor, and writer based in Tkaronto. She improvises emergent streams of sonics, field recordings, moving digital image and text and is seasoned in international recording, concert performing, and telematics. Bourne improvised with Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) and is an alumni of Oliveros’ Sangre de Cristo Deep Listening Retreats. She leads environmental listening and communal sounding in equanimity to create sound fields of exquisite dissonance, through collective empathic gesture, imparting Oliveros’ Deep Listening text scores and Sonic Meditations. A Chalmers Fellow, Bourne’s practice mediates sound and touch and leads others to experience shorelines as difference incoalescence, attending a more-than-human sound field, composing in attunement to spectral wave patterns of water.


Listening to Ice: Environmental Listening and Sounding with Anne Bourne

Can you imagine the sounds of all the frozen rivers you have stood beside, walked across? In May, new audio recordings arrive at 2022 Biennial artist Susan Schuppli’s multi-year project and installation Learning from Ice at 5 Lower Jarvis. To mark the occasion, composer Anne Bourne offers a collective workshop for participants to gather together, […]