Amy Malbeuf

2022 Exhibition Artist

Amy Malbeuf (Métis, born in 1987, Rich Lake, Canada, Treaty 6 territory) is a visual artist currently living on unceded Mi’kmaq territory in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia. Amy’s practice explores notions of identity, place, language and ecology through the use of various mediums such as animal hair tufting, installation, performance and tattooing. Malbeuf holds a Master in Visual Art from the University of British Columbia Okanagan, Kelowna.

Exhibit #25

Amy Malbeuf at Arsenal Contemporary Toronto

Kahkiyaw kikway (All of everything) (2019–2022) is both an installation of sculptures and wearable artworks by Amy Malbeuf. Created from home-tanned hide, the works are intended to be worn by a spectrum of body types and genders. The garments/sculptures are intended to fit a range of bodies and are not made to a single size. […]

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