Timothy Yanick Hunter

Timothy Yanick Hunter (born in 1990, Toronto, Canada; lives and works in Toronto, Canada) is a multidisciplinary artist and curator. Timothy’s practice employs strategies of bricolage to examine non-neutral relationships relating to Black and Afro-diasporic experiences and strategies for decolonization. His approach alternates between the exploratory and the didactic, with a focus on the political, cultural, and social richness of the Black diaspora. Timothy’s work often delves into speculative narratives and the intersections of physical space, digital space, and the intangible.


Timothy Yanick Hunter at Small Arms Inspection Building

Location: Small Arms Inspection Building

Timothy Yanick Hunter’s practice considers the impact of colonial, capitalist histories, and their lasting effects in Africa and throughout the Diaspora. Hunter’s strategies of bricolage examine non-neutral relationships, centring Black and Afro-diasporic experiences as well as concurrent strategies of decolonization. His approach alternates between exploratory and didactic; with a focus…