Susan Schuppli

Susan Schuppli (lives in London, UK) investigates the politics of the “cold” and explores how knowledge practices from ice-core science and glaciology to intergenerational wisdom and local observations, climate activism to environmental policy and law, engage with the situated material conditions of ice. She draws on her experience as part of the research agency Forensic Architecture in her consideration of various modes of communication, from legal analysis and public advocacy to theoretical reflection and creative exploration.


Susan Schuppli at 5 Lower Jarvis

Location: 5 Lower Jarvis

Learning from Ice (2019-ongoing) is a multi-year project that investigates how different knowledge practices respond to climate change. In 2019, Susan Schuppli, drawing on her research into ice core science, presented the first iteration of a documentary film that considers how glacial ice acts as a material witness to global…


In Conversation: Susan Schuppli and Brenna Bhandar

Join Toronto Biennial of Art artist Susan Schuppli and critical legal theorist Dr. Brenna Bhandar as they discuss ideas emerging out of Schuppli’s series COLD CASES in relation to their shared ongoing and trans-disciplinary research queries. On view at 5 Lower Jarvis, COLD CASES is an exploration into the weaponization…