2022 Exhibition

What Water Knows, the Land Remembers

TBA 2019, titled The Shoreline Dilemma, was the first chapter of the two-part biennial, tracing various interconnected narratives and ecologies of an ever-changing Lake Ontario shoreline. These connections revealed systems of resistance against and movement away from industrial colonial culture, uncovering polyphonic histories embedded in and around the shoreline. 

The second chapter of the Biennial – What Water Knows, the Land Remembers – will explore locations near above-ground and hidden tributaries that channel water into Lake Ontario as well as the ravines that shape the city’s geography. Extending the interconnections of those locations and expanding the notions of the central question from 2019, “What does it mean to be in relation?”, the curators envision expansive forms of kinship—with each other, and with their collaborators, the human and more-than-human — that draw on alternative belief systems. To frame and help guide their collaboration, they have generated a lexicon—a shared vocabulary—to ground their thinking and ongoing processes of exhibition-making.

The full artist list for What Water Knows, the Land Remembers is a part of the most recent press release, along with information on six highlighted artist commissions. A more fulsome curatorial vision will be shared in the coming months.