Arpita was born into an arts-adoring family in India. She was raised with music, dance and theatre — first as shared experiences with her violinist grandfather, her singer/actor father, and her dancer mother. She then trained in Indian dance and vocal music in the Western, North Indian classical and Indian contemporary styles. Arpita has performed in India, Canada, and the US, including at the National Arts Centre.

As an arts journalist, Arpita has worked in radio, TV and print media. In 2012, she founded the not-for-profit, all-ages SesayArts Magazine (, where she profiles diverse artists and reviews current theatre, dance, film and literature.

In addition to being an artist and writer, she is a TDSB teacher, educational consultant, mother of three children (and two dogs) — and an avid reader with insatiable wanderlust and a deep curiosity about new arts experiences.