As part of the Biennial’s series of facilitated workshops, this session with Anu Radha Verma takes up the concept of “being in relation” through activities that look at time, place, and possibilities. “Time” refers to history, the archival (whether documented or not); “place” refers to the sites we inhabit; “possibilities” connects to what the future might hold, what we might make of the future. Workshop participants can expect some movement (optional, and can be adapted to meet access needs); discussions and reflection; collage, writing prompts and more. The workshop addresses four key questions: Who are we? Where have we been? Where are we? Where are we going? Through conversations and activities, participants will learn about themselves, each other, the Small Arms Inspection Building, and ideas that some of the artists exhibiting their work in the Biennial are putting forward. The workshop is designed to be participatory, with options for individual, pair, small group and large group interactions.

Image: Workshop at Small Arms Inspection Building, 2019. Photo: Yuula Benevolski.

Tools for Learning

Small Arms Inspection Building (2019)
1352 Lakeshore Road East
Mississauga ON
L5E 1E9

November 30


Anu Radha Verma (born in North York, ON, Canada; lives in Mississauga and Georgetown, ON, Canada) has lived, worked, played, struggled, and agitated in places as disparate as New Delhi, Peterborough, Toronto, and Mississauga. Her work has been in multiple sectors, organizations, and places, working with/in communities that face marginalization due to race, gender, sexuality, income, migration experience, age, disability, and more, but always focused on social justice. She is an independent curator, a community-based consultant, and an organizer with QTBIPOC sauga. Verma is a queer, diasporic, sometimes-femme, a survivor, and someone who lives with mental health struggles.