My sister by the river is a séance to mourn and move memories of lost feminist kin into the future. Performed by an ad hoc coven of artists, this séance engages rituals of radical remembrance and hospitality as a method of solidarity building among the living and the dead. My sister by the river was conceived and created by Annie Wong with Nedda Baba, Yara El Safi, Frizz Kid, and co-produced by Marilyn Fernandes and Pamila Matharu.

Sister Co-Resister’s performances are a part of the Biennial’s weekly Performance and Reading Program: Isonomia in Toronto, a series which takes place within Adrian Blackwell’s two interrelated structures at 259 Lake Shore Blvd E and the Small Arms Inspection Building. Invited guests include poet CAConrad, artists Camilo Godoy and Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Apache violinist Laura Ortman, RISE Edutainment, and percussionist Marshall Trammell.

Image Credit: Sister Co-Resister at 259 Lake Shore Blvd. E, part of the Performance Program: Isonomia in Toronto, 2019. Photo: Sue Holland.

Performance Program: Isonomia in Toronto

259 Lake Shore Blvd East
259 Lake Shore Blvd East
Toronto ON
M5A 3T7

November 22


Sister Co-ResisterMarilyn Fernandes (born in Kuwait City, Kuwait; lives in Toronto, ON, Canada),Pamila Matharu (born in Birmingham, United Kingdom; lives in Toronto, ON, Canada), and Annie Wong (born and lives in Toronto, ON, Canada) – is a feminist art collective focused on collaborative art-making and trans-disciplinary exchange. Crisscrossing social practice with intersectional feminism and contemporary art as radical acts of solidarity building and space-making with underrepresented women and non-binary voices; particularly queer/trans, mad/disabled, Indigenous, Black and racialized artists and thinkers.