Winsom Winsom

2024 Exhibition Artist

Winsom Winsom (1945; she/her) child of the Universe with lineage of the Maroons, Arawak and Spanish grounded in Maroon Land of the Cockpit Mountains and now Canada. Winsom does not separate her life and art: her life is her art, her art is her life. Winsom’s work interprets the elements, land, animal, and human presence from the context of the Afro-centric value system where spirituality is central as “respect for the elements guides human passage.” Through a variety of media such as painting, sculpture, film and installation connections are established between different levels of existence through symbols in line and colour. Winsom’s current imagery can be ascribed directly to the Ancient African religion of Ifa and the Ashanti which have mediated the relationship between the land of the living and the dead with an organic living structure.