Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware

2022 Program & Exhibition Artist

Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware (born in 1977, Montreal, Canada; lives in Toronto, Canada) is a Vanier scholar, visual artist, activist, curator and educator. Syrus uses painting, installation and performance to explore social justice frameworks and Black activist culture. He has shown in galleries and festivals across Canada. Syrus is part of the Performance Disability Art Collective and a core team member of Black Lives Matter – Toronto. His ongoing curatorial work includes That’s So Gay (2016–21) and BlacknessYes!/Blockorama. Syrus is the co-editor of Until We Are Free: Reflections on Black Lives Matter in Canada (University of Regina Press, 2020).

Participated in the “Rabbit Hole: Pod Theory” Residency, 2020.

Exhibit #9

Syrus Marcus Ware at Small Arms Inspection Building

In the 1960s, the Antarctic Treaty System (ATS) was established to regulate international relations with respect to the continent. The central treaty went into force in 1961 and was the first arms control agreement of the Cold War, limiting the continent of Antarctica’s use to scientific purposes and banning all military activity. To this day, […]

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Abolition Is Love: How to Live Abolition in Everyday Life

In this 201 workshop, 2022 Biennial artist Syrus Marcus Ware, along with academic Giselle Dias and activist and writer Sandy Hudson, offer insights into building abolitionist communities rooted in social justice and care and future planning. With light touches into systems theory and systems change, this workshop offers practice insights for how to work to […]


The Cafe at the end of the future: a crip performance extravaganza

Set in 2040, this afternoon performance – conceived by 2022 Biennial artist Syrus Marcus Ware and featuring performers Aeshna Ware-Huff, Janice Lee, Jaz Fairy J, Troy Jackson, and LAL – takes place in the future community of MBL Freedom and offers a mind-expanding performance exploring disability justice, queer and crip magic. On the first Saturday […]


Performance: MBL Freedom

Join 2022 Biennial artist Syrus Marcus Ware and actors Dainty Smith and Ravyn Wngz for a staged reading of the complete performance of MBL: Freedom (2022), an interactive film experience reflecting on climate change, white supremacy, abolition, and disability justice, currently on view at the Small Arms Inspection Building. MBL: Freedom presents the newest chapter […]